Gab Beta Invites Open To All

Update: Invites sent, be sure the check your spam folder. A couple of invites still available.

A few day ago, I posted that I had some invites to hand out and was allocating them with a preference for liberal signups (libs – if you asked for one, they’ve been sent out so check your email  and spam folder, if you don’t have one contact me again ASAP).

Enough time has passed now and I still have some available so they are now up for grabs for whoever wants them – no preference, just first come first serve. To request an invite:

…click the “URContact” link above or right here with an email address you want the invite sent to.

Before requesting an invite, please review the first invite post (Gab Invites Available) so you understand what Gab is and what to expect. Again, regardless of what part of the political spectrum you lie on, thick skin is recommended.


3 thoughts on “Gab Beta Invites Open To All

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