Huntsman Cancer Institute Teams With Government To Grab Your Personal Voter Information For Their Research

The Huntsman Cancer Institute has decided to dabble in cronyism with a side of legal plunder in the form of your personal data from voter registration. They’ve decided that they should have your personal voter information to use in their research whether you like it or not.

SB 74 (S2) “Voter Privacy Amendments” will give the organization full access to your records. Click the link and look at lines 247-306 (section 5 of SB74). This isn’t some gesture from the legislature either, the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute decided they were entitled and lobbied for the favoritism. They picked a good time too since the legislature would like to play fast and loose with personal voting registration/information.

The Institute has done some super work and they may have good intents (hopefully) but that doesn’t cut it. Registering to vote should not be contingent on giving out you information to anyone/everyone who kisses up to a politician for a favor, particularly when their use doesn’t vaguely involve the voting or election verification at all. Further, I don’t know why they think their entitled to this. Cancer research is important but that doesn’t mean they too shouldn’t be expected to politely ask your permission to use your personal data in their program(s).

All other well intended researchers and businesses are expected to get your permission to use your information. The politically connected should be no exception. Enough with the cronyism.

Please contact your Representative/Senator and ask them to oppose the carve out for the Huntsman Cancer Institute (also consider calling the institute to let them know this is inappropriate).


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