SLC Police Chief Burbank: Identity Theft Is a Laughing Matter

On October 26, 2011 the National Immigration Forum (a Soros funded group supportive of illegal immigration amnesty measures and assisting opposition to identity theft prevention) held the Mountain West Immigration Summit which included like minded individuals such as: Salt Lake City PD chief Chris Burbank (opposed to enforcement measures and supportive of a sanctuary city), Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, KSL Radio Host Doug Wright, the Salt Lake Chamber Of Commerce (big proponents of HB116 and opposed to enforcement measures), and the Sutherland Institute.

During the discussion, Attorney General Shurtleff brought up identity theft. Chief Burbank continued on the subject and began laughing when discussing where identities were sold (apparently he knows which “corner store”) and notes the people in the crowd know where this is occurring.  He then talks about how something should be done going so far as to excuse the stolen/fraudulent ID purchases sending the message that he will do nothing about it.  The preceding discussion was about federal responsibility to enforce immigration law and Chief Burbank wants the federal government to “go after that person” selling the documents.  Evidently, while not immigration enforcement, Chief Burbank prefers to yuk it up rather than do anything about a crime that involves real victims including tens of thousands of Utah children.

While this goes on, Attorney General Shutleff never admonishes Burbank or Wright which should come as no surprise given his change in position on the seriousness of employment-related identity theft.  The full video can be found here the above excerpt is around 27 minutes in.


SLC Police Chief Burbank Gripes Over Arizona Law (Changing My Mind On Implementing SB251)

I found it funny.  Burbank goes on the Doug Wright show and whines about a law passed in Arizona that doesn’t apply to him.  Go figure.

Why so sensitive?  I suppose it’s because he wants to maintain Salt Lake City’s sanctuary city status for illegal immigrants.  It may be possible that he knows what is likely to happen if Arizona’s law is signed…the illegal immigrants will go to the nearest welcoming place…a certain sanctuary city comes to mind.

I’m fairly certain that Utah will see an influx as the Arizona law goes into effect.  That has me shifting my position on SB251.  Previously, I noted that I could (barely) live with the Identity Verification law’s implementation being delayed by a year (on the strict understand that nothing else would be changed in the bill and no new legislation would be necessary).  Now, I’m inclined to say, no changes – let the law take effect as planned.  Here’s why:

The influx of illegal workers from Arizona will also lead to more cases of child identity theft in the state of Utah.  Delaying SB251 a year will be bad for two reasons:

1. No new workers identities will be checked for a year – with the influx of illegal labor, there will also be a higher than normal amount of new workers using stolen and/or fraudulent identities further exacerbating the problem with identity theft in Utah.

2. Those workers will be protected and allowed to continue using the stolen identity and harming the victim.  E-Verify is only used for new hires.  Since they would be hired during the 1 year delay (prior to law implementation), those workers will be exempt from the rules as they are current (not new) employees.  The only way around that is for the business to use ICE’s IMAGE program, but don’t hold your breath.

Additionally, E-Verify is not rocket science.  The vast majority of businesses should be able to implement the program within the current time frame.

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Utah’s Illegal Immigration Humanitarian Border Fiasco Enablers

It’s been months since I posted here. Wish I could keep up better but time is very short so I’ll just get on with it.

For about the last month, we’ve been (and still are) witnessing a royal mess at our southern border. The crush of people coming through seems to have so overwhelmed the border patrol that we effectively have an open southern border and defacto amnesty not only for those already illegally in the United States but for the entire world as long as they can get to the Southern border.

The results of this free flow amount to an environment ripe for human trafficking, child rape and victimization, and a likely public health hazard (here too) as illegal immigrants are being transported and dropped of in various states (and let’s be honest – they ain’t showing up for their court dates). Obviously, the situation is being capitalized on by various criminal enterprises to more effectively funnel their own “products” and personnel into the US.

So who turned the magnet on that has Central Americans believing (and their media affirming) the welcome mat is out on the US southern border? Who gave them that idea and enabled all this? Nationally, it’s the usual suspects: the President, the majority of Democrats and plenty of Republicans (McCain, Grahamnesty etc), various amnesty groups, religious organizations, the US Chamber of Commerce, and a plethora of corporate welfare leaches, crony capitalists with their amoral lobbyists.

And how about on the local level?..In Utah, we have our enablers:

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and it’s head, Lane Beatty. They’re the mastermind of the illegal labor/cheap labor at all costs unconstitutional Utah amnesty legislation (which is also hardly a favor to the illegal immigrants, in my estimation). They’re also the same group that sold it (and the Utah Compact sophistry) to the LDS Church to get them to lobby legislators for it’s passage. HB116 serves as an enticement that leads illegal immigrants to believe that they will be welcomed, defacto legalized, and provided for – it turns on the magnet locally. Of course, that legislation is so loused-up that implementation keeps getting delayed and the bill’s Godfather (Bramble) now plans on repealing it in a couple of years…if you trust the word of a died-in-the-wool Chicago-style politician. Meanwhile, the magnet with the promise of potential implementation stays on.

The LDS Church (at least Public Affairs) likes the Utah Compact. They intentionally continue to avoid differentiating legal and illegal immigrants, make special provisions for illegal immigrant missionaries and do so under the guise of “keeping families together”. From the get-go that line was always a farce and the current situation demonstrates this perfectly: 1. Children are leaving their families and being placed at risk and in the hands of predators to come over here under a false promise creating orphans and 2. Other children are coming here and ICE is trying to link them with family already here (ie: mom and/or dad ditched them at home when they illegally came into the US).

Better yet, a few Sundays ago I listened to a missionary report on teaching an illegal immigrant family that couldn’t be baptized because the father was still married to his first wife in Mexico (I think he left her with the kids too – so much for keeping that family together) because he couldn’t go back to get a divorce. Meanwhile he’d had children with his illegal immigrant girlfriend in the US. Well, the father died so the shack-up girlfriend wasn’t living in sin anymore and they were able to baptize the family (in the US). It was intimated that things worked out well because dad died (WTH?!). I wondered if I had somehow flipped on an LDS Jerry Springer episode!

Evidently, ditching children, shacking up and having more kids is not uncommon and is deserving of support and “prosecutorial discretion”.  One wonders which family we should keep together…

Anyway, back to our list of local enablers:

Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank, Radio Host Doug Wright, and Former AG Mark Shurtleff. Besides being amnesty shills who set up a sanctuary city (Burbank) and helped make Utah a sanctuary state, they also find illegal immigrant identity fraud funny.

Senator Curt Bramble (and HB116 supporters in the Legislature). See the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce section for details.

Paul Mero and The Sutherland Institute. Open borders folks who also supported HB116. I’m still not sure if their often inept political posturing isn’t actually a hindernace to the Utah amnesty push but they’re big amnesty proponents.

Senator Orrin Hatch – an early DREAM Act proponent (with his ousted compatriot, Bob Bennett who was outwardly supportive of amnesty). Hatch has been co-opted by the crony capitalists and high tech rich kids like Mark Zuckerberg (such as a  traveling and monetary relationship ).

Governor Herbert’s lackluster leadership on this issue (especially E-Verify) and coziness with the Salt Lake Chamber, even heading to DC to do their bidding and, of course, signing Utah’s amnesty bill.  Let’s also not forget the House and Senate leadership at that time (eg Speaker Becky Lockhart and and former Senate President, Michael Waddoups). Lockhart and others have also just doubled down to keep the orphan magnet flowing with a letter to congress to shove amnesty down our throats:

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, House Speaker Becky Lockhart, House Majority Leader Brad Dee and 23 other GOP legislators — joined by former U.S. Senator Jake Garn — signed the letter.

The other usual suspects – amnesty and race-focused groups, Tony Yapias, etc. etc.

I’m sure we can expect them all to step up and personally fund medical care, child and adult victim rape/abuse counseling, housing, transportation, resettlement (keeping families together, of course), and education for all the illegal immigrants entering thanks to their promises. Surely, they’ll continue to do so in perpetuity so as to avoid any costs to taxpayers and those supportive of actually obeying laws both personally and in business and to avoid employment-related identity theft by the illegal immigrants (and avoid child victims of this identity theft). Surely they’ll pay for the humanitarian crisis they’ve created and provide for the orphans they’ve created.  Or are victims just collateral damage and enablers’ foreseeable mess something the rest of us are on the hook for?

So let’s keep enticing people to enter illegally with promises of amnesty, tax-subsidized in-state tuition, and free transportation to their final destination, among other programs. What could go wrong?

Salt Lake Chamber’s Dream: Obama’s Immigration Policy

If you have followed the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s immigration policy (contained in HB116), you would have to anticipate that they are giddy over Obama’s latest immigration policy.  The Chamber and their supporters such as Mark Shurtleff, Sutherland Institute, and LDS Church Public Affairs are well aware of the identity theft, among other crimes, linked to illegal immigration as well as the victims of these crimes.  They’ve done well casting  blind eye to the victims (even to the point of laughing) and cavalierly dismissing the crime.

Some leaked documents indicate that Shurtleff (who is being invited to White House functions) and the Salt Lake Chamber have their wish (emphasis added):

Fox News has obtained an internal document detailing how the Department of Homeland Security plans to implement what critics say amounts to an amnesty policy for what could be more than one million illegal immigrants.

According to the documents, illegal immigrants convicted of felonies or misdemeanors under “state immigration laws” may be granted deferred action. Those who have repeatedly entered the United States illegally will also be eligible. And traffic violations would not be considered a misdemeanor…

…Sessions told Fox News that according to his understanding of the implementation documents, illegal immigrants who are using stolen or fraudulent Social Security numbers in order to gain employment will not be charged with a crime.

The Daily Caller has also reported on this earlier in the week: Obama immigration policy opens work permit door to ID thieves, jailed illegals, uninsured drivers

Heh.  No wonder the Salt Lake Chamber fell over themselves to declare immigration policy off-limits to states.

Who’s Dime: Utah’s Roaming Attorney General

A while ago, I noticed that Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff seemed to be out of town quite a bit and many of the trips involved personal business (such as book promotions) and personal initiatives (such as illegal immigrant amnesty).  I decided to take a look at his travels and tried to weed out trips that were either remotely work-related or clear family vacations and removed weekends.  Below is the list, with links, of apparently personal business conducted during weekdays.  Be aware that there were several other work-related trips both in and out of state he has taken (he must have a massive travel budget and seems to take more trips than Governor Herbert) and many events below really involve several days due to travel from/to Utah.  Sorry for the rough note nature but it’s all I had time for.

The main question raised, of course, is if these trips were paid for by the State and/or salary and other expenses claimed?  I certainly hope that the below were conducted while on accumulated or unpaid leave and not charged to taxpayers.  Secondarily, what is the cost to tax payers of the work-related trips he has taken that are not documented below?  Finally, do other State Attorney Generals rack-up this much travel, even if it were directly work-related?

June 14, 2012
Speaking on comprehensive immigration reform @AILANational Conference in Nashville #AILA = 11,000 legal professionals.

June 12, 2012
[Met with Preston Clark of  – NY based – not sure where they met or if discussion related to June 11 or June 14 immigration summits.  Likely, they did not meet in Utah]:
Great meeting with @MarkShurtleff yesterday.

June 11, 2012
Southeast Summit: Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America in Atlanta, GA.  Mr. Shurtleff is listed as part of “The Southeast Summit Host Committee”.

June 8, 2012
Slave Dred Scott sued for freedom in this Bldg. while slave auctions were held on its steps. Today we dedicate stat…
See also:
Historic Day in St. Louis. I speak @ unveiling of first ever statue of #DredScott & wife Harriet!

April 28-?, 2012
Trip to Israel (leading a group)
SHALOM from Israel! Co-leading w/ Laura Green. Thx Heath & @HayLeeShurtleff 4 staying @ our home.

March 16, 2012
Retweet (original sent by Arturo Sarukhan):
Productive meeting with @MarkShurtleff #Utah AG, a constructive player in promoting balanced debate on UT immigration law [also tweeted in Spanish]
Sent from Arlington VA (still in DC area).
Great honor to meet today with el Embajador de México en Estados Unidos @Arturo_Sarukhan!

March 15, 2012
Sent to Paul Murphy by Shurtleff – note tweet also included location/map from Fairfax VA.
@PaulMurphysLaw: @MarkShurtleff #Utah AG got to hang out with George Clooney & Mumford and Sons at the White House dinner for British PM.

March 14, 2012
Honor to be @whitehouse State Dinner tonight for UK Prime Minister Cameron @Number10gov. History of PM/Pres relation:

March 13, 2012
Speaking @UUtah today @LatinosInAction Conf. So proud Utah let’s all these great teens pay in-state college tuition! More »

Shurtleff Again Partners With Soros-Backed Group

About six months ago, Utah’s Attorney General,Mark Shurtleff, began teaming* with a George Soros funded group (National Immigration Forum).  Back then, the group’s “summit” included Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank and KSL host, Doug Wright, having a good laugh about knowing where stolen and fraudulent identities are sold locally effectively broadcasting Burbank will do nothing about it.  Interestingly, Mark Shurtleff  (aka “Utah’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer) was sitting next to them and never admonished either one.  Besides pressing for illegal immigrant amnesty, the group also works to stop E-Verify implementation.

Apparently, Mr. Shurtleff likes the group’s positions and direction so much, he’s going to help them push their agenda in the Southeastern United States:

April 2012

– Mayor Paul Bridges of Uvalda, Georgia, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Jeb Bush, Jr. and others will host the Southeast Summit: Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America in Atlanta. At this event, business, law enforcement, and faith leaders from Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia will begin to develop a common understanding of the value of immigrants and immigration to the Southeast and America.

*Note: Besides Shurlteff, Burbank, and Wright, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sutherland Institute (Paul Mero), Downtown Alliance, and “Melaleuca” were also involved in the event.

Primrose Path: AG Shurtleff’s Child ID Theft Measure (Update)

About a week or so ago, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff unveiled a cooperative program with TransUnion which allows parents to lock their children’s credit.  Both should be congratulated for their effort.  However, Shurtleff’s press conference can also lead parents down the primrose path and to a nasty surprise.  Here’s the news report of the above article:

Before I get into this, as the saying goes: “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.  I strongly encourage parents to go to the AG’s IRIS site and sign up your child/children for the “identity” protection.

Now, about that gift horse…I used quotes around identity because the program will not protect your child’s full identity.  It will only protect their credit record, nothing more (noted in the video).  There is much more to an identity besides credit.  Identity includes medical, employment, earnings, and criminal histories.  All those items are typically tied to a social security number.  The program will not protect a child’s social security record from being corrupted by an identity thief.  Additionally, only one credit bureau is involved in the program – without the other two, I’m not certain if even the credit record is safe.

The fact of the matter is that identity theft goes far beyond credit.  Fugitives, illegal immigrants, deadbeat parents, addicts, and others use stolen identities to obtain work and medical care.  Those alone can and do corrupt social security, earnings, and medical records.  Once a child grows older, they may find themselves disqualified from means-based assistance or scholarships due to a corrupt earnings report (they “made” too much money to qualify).  The earnings under their social security number may also have them getting calls from the IRS for failing to file taxes or failing to receive their tax refund.  A corrupted medical identity can have life threatening consequences at any given time if an emergency occurs (this is even more significant for children with a chronic illness).  Then, as they grow older they may even find themselves charged and hauled off for a crime they didn’t commit.  Social security number theft is incredibly damaging.

Ironically, the program would not have helped Jennifer Andrushko prevent the theft of her son’s identity (his social security number was stolen by an illegal immigrant for employment not credit).  From the linked article:

Andrushko’s son was only 3-years-old when she discovered the fraudulent activity on his Social Security number.

An undocumented worker had been using her son’s identity to gain employment. The fraud started five years before her son was even born.

It beats me why the AG used her case to highlight this program – it seems to create a false sense of security for those who enroll in the program.  What was he thinking?

At the end of the report, they say the Social Security Admin has been asked to find a solution.  One of the best protections for children’s identities is implementation of the E-Verify program (employers use the free, rapid response system to verify a prospective applicant’s identity).  There is now a toothless (no penalty for non-compliance) Utah law requiring E-Verify.  So far, there is nary a word from the Attorney General calling for enforcement measures and I don’t recall any statements in support of the measure from him.  It just sounds like he wants to pass the buck to the SSA.

To add another bit of irony…here are two videos of the Attorney General’s real feelings regarding employment only identity theft.  In the first, he demonstrates his shifting position on the issue by entirely disregarding employment related identity theft.  In the second, he sits idly by as Chief Chris Burbank has a good laugh as known locations where identities are sold to illegal workers (be they illegal immigrants, fugitives, etc) are called out (stay classy, Burbank).  Let’s also not forget that the Attorney General is a staunch HB116 supporter; the bill dismisses illegal immigrant identity theft (such as Andrushko’s son) and pushes the costs thereof onto taxpayers.

Moral of the story: get your kids in the program but don’t buy the hype – remain extra vigilant.  Also consider calling your legislators and the Governor and ask them to support bills like HB300 and the E-Verify program.

UPDATE (2/14/12): The “Ask a Cop: How to spot a fake ID” KSL article apparently written by a police officer provides some excellent Utah examples of the types of identity theft (and the damage caused) which the above program can not prevent.  I have also added a link to it in the text.

Washington County Utah Establishes E-Verify Requirement With Penalty

In a few days, Washington County will implement a requirement that business use E-Verify.  Washington County also managed to do something the State Legislature couldn’t muster: including a consequence for disobeying the law (Washington County to Require Businesses to use E-Verify; St. George Studying Similar Requirement):

Those that fail to comply with the ordinance, which goes into effect December 17, risk temporary suspension, even revocation of their business license, for three or more instances of noncompliance.

I honestly had no idea about this until I stumbled on it today.  Clearly, Washington County has been getting serious about identity theft and illegal immigration…and have been doing so for a while:

In recent years, Washington County cross-deputized officers as Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents in an attempt to further address the impacts of illegal immigration, he said…

…The county ordinance, passed in October, was drafted after the US Supreme Court ruled in May that the states have authority to sanction employers who hire undocumented workers. The decision refers strictly to the issuance or renewal of business licenses.

Take a look at the source article for details but be warned of some of the run of the mill baseless spin by opponents:

1. They try to bring deportation costs into the equation.  The ordinance has no deportation requirement and they know it.  It only requires employers to verify legal labor status and is a significant preventive measure in child identity theft (and employment-related identity theft, in general).  They’re just throwing dust.

2. They play the predictable race card asking if they will only “dark-skinned employees” will be checked.  It also exposes their unfamiliarity with E-Verify. E-Verify requires all new hires be checked if only select employees are checked the business runs afoul of their agreement, the ordinance, and federal law.  It is also online, free, highly accurate, and returns a result rapidly.

Unlike SLCPD Chief Burbank, Washington County is taking identity theft seriously.

Can Herbert Be Trusted On Illegal Immigration?

Governor Herbert has put up his illegal immigration TV spot on the internet:

If you want a more detailed version of his position, however, you need to go to his site.  There, you can look up his immigration issue page and find his six points:

1) There must be respect for the law. The Utah solution must acknowledge that U. S. Citizenship – by birth or grant – requires reverence for and adherence to the law.

2) The federal government has a responsibility to secure our borders, to enforce immigration laws, and to draft meaningful immigration policy. The federal government has failed in its responsibility, but the responsibility remains theirs.

3) There must be greater accountability from the private sector. Businesses must be responsible for establishing hiring practices that comply with the law to verify legal documentation of all workers.

4) The Utah solutions should recognize and respect the humanity of all people. Immigration reform efforts must be fair, colorblind, and race-neutral.

5) We must provide appropriate tools for law enforcement. The Utah solutions must give law enforcement officers, through resources and training, the ability to enforce the law and to keep our communities safe.

6) We must relieve the burden on taxpayers. There are significant societal costs associated with illegal immigration that simply must be addressed. Our Utah communities, and our taxpayers, can no longer be expected to bear this financial burden.

It all sounds great on the surface but once you get past that, there are some serious red flags:

IF his written words can be taken at face value, it seems that he will not seek a Utah guest worker or local amnesty program (per point 2) which is being pushed by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (with support by Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff – see: AG, Salt Lake Chamber working on guest worker proposals).  Conversely, his second point also indicates that he’s left plenty of room to oppose/veto any bill he can construe as “immigration policy” which he deems “responsibility remains [the Feds]”.

Interestingly, his third point looks like he’s calling for business “accountability”.  I wonder if that would indicate support of strengthening the State’s E-Verify requirements.    I won’t hold my breath, given his near veto of the bill in the first place (it was saved only by citizen calls to his office) and subsequent thoughts of gutting the bill in a special session.  That thought ended from a combination of the Arizona law passing, citizen support thereof, and the upcoming election.

Finally,  the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce has also used the term “a Utah solution”  (see:
Utah’s approach to immigration will impact our economy) to push their program and concurrently oppose any Arizona-like laws in Utah.  The Chamber also worked against the E-Verify bill, seems to have supported a veto, and pushed for the special session to gut the bill.  The Governor uses the “Utah solution” term in the commercial.  There is no way of knowing if his intent differs from the Chamber’s but I do know the Chamber is very politically active.

I don’t trust Herbert on this issue one bit.  He appears very evasive in his language.  My word to the wise is to prepare for a fight if/when illegal immigration bills are brought through the State Legislature regardless of who is elected governor.