Fake News And Exploiting Taxpayers To Pay Illegal Immigrants

Here’s a FakeNews headline brought to you by KUTV: Will Congress extend stimulus to immigrants and their citizen families?

This is typical fake news by omission and distortion. They aren’t “immigrants”. KUTV isn’t honest and factual enough to state these are illegal aliens and not legal immigrants. Two very different groups. Nope, KUTV opts to deceive and try to pull the wool over your eyes. Watch the video report and they’ll admit these are “undocumented immigrants”. That in itself is bogus – they have documents…albeit stolen or forged.

Anastasia Campos with Mixed-Status Families United says there is legal action underway that challenges Congress’ exclusion of ITIN tax filers.

Campos said:

“Not just the ITIN holder, but the entire family is being excluded from this stimulus. They are being denied because of somebody else’s status.”

Catch that? They’re not immigrant families. They’re “mixed status” families and have issues because of somebody else’s “status”. Yeah, “somebody else” is here illegally. They didn’t respect our laws and continue not to. No one put Campos in that position, she put herself in that position. Period.

Worse still, they’re demanding that we cough up money for people who may well have committed ID theft, forgery and Social Security fraud when they filled out their I-9 forms using stolen Social Security numbers because an ITIN is not valid for employment purposes (note: This could be prevented if employers would use E-Verify). All too often the stolen numbers belong to innocent American children who suffer serious harm when their numbers are used by illegal aliens—denial of means tested benefits such as Medicaid, arrest records attached to their names, medical records corrupted and liability for unpaid taxes on income earned on their stolen numbers.

In addition, illegal aliens may use their ITIN numbers to file their income taxes but if they are using a stolen Social Security Number for employment purposes they are required to file using both their ITIN and stolen Social Security numbers. This doesn’t stop many from exploiting our current tax system and leaving victims in their wake (more reason to implement E-Verify).

If that weren’t enough, the stimulus money they’re demanding is really from our children and grandchildren whose identities they have stolen thanks to our foolish national debt. So they want us to reward their illegal actions with more debt heaped on future generations.

Sorry, they knew that when they became involved with an illegal alien and chose to accept the consequences. They’re welcome to go out and ask for voluntary donations to bail them out of their decisions and get a pass on consequences everyone else would be subject to. I suggest they start by contacting the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and amnesty-shill politicians (start with 2011’s HB116 supporters!), religious organizations and “social justice” charity and advocacy groups. Surely, they’ll open up their wallets and dole out some ‘stimulus’ to those they encouraged to be here (while continually pushing the costs onto the rest of us). Yes, I’m sure the they will be most charitable with their own money.

So, the answer to KUTV’s advocacy article title is a resounding NO!

Another Local Example: Why It’s Important To Limit Government To Its Proper Role

I caught this on Fox 13: West Jordan faces $8 million budget shortfall; City employees offered severance to voluntarily resign

I don’t know all of West Jordan’s details but I’m guessing they’ve got a bunch of “quality of life” programs that use the power of government to force taxpayers to pay for hobbies and fun of groups favored by a politician or politician’s pet projects. Projects include recreation centers, arts, theaters, zoos, recycling, etc. etc. etc. Worse yet, governments bond for these projects and become lashed to the debt servicing and Moody’s ratings (kind of like a credit score).

When a budget crunch hits, government doesn’t want to default on it’s loans and politicians hate dumping cutesy projects they can get some press for. So they look for broad cuts and put core governmental functions on the chopping block as well. Actually they usually prefer scream about how police/fire/streets are “threatened” by the decline and we absolutely must ‘restructure’…and raise taxes to save the basic functions (but we absolutely shan’t cut our pet projects!). Thus, the irresponsible ‘nice-to-have’ projects put basic services at risk.

All to appease politicians and some folks who demand that others should be forced to pay for their interests and don’t want to be bothered having to put the effort forth to make it an actual voluntary, community-built effort (you know the stuff that actually builds real community).

We’ll soon see more reports on local and state government having to scramble to deal with the anticipated funding declines. Just keep a weary eye on how willing they are to put up the straw man of ‘saving basic services’ but really quietly saving their perpetually funded skunk farms.

UPDATE: Needless to say, the above most certainly applies to our Federal Government too. We need to slash spending on so many non essential programs and “entitlements”. In the recent pandemic spending bill a bunch went to stuff like the Kennedy Center in NYC and PBS/CPB (which as nothing to do with the pandemic or economic security but it does bail out an place a lot of rich people support). We’re lashing debt on our kids’ backs locally and nationally to subsidize interests/venues frequented by those who can most afford to attend and actually fund themselves! It’s ridiculous.

The biggest gripe I have with Trump is that he stinks at spending and hasn’t pushed back hard enough on the drunken spenders running amok in Congress. It won’t end well. At least he does call them out and is willing to take the swamp head-on but he’s got to do better on their ‘legal plunder’ and we need to stop asking them to legally plunder our neighbors and countrymen!

Sure Glad Citizens Killed The Food Tax Increase

Just a few months ago, the Utah swamp tried to foist a tax increase on citizens geared to benefit corporate cronies through cost socialization and profit privatization. Part of the tax ruse involved increasing the food tax and shifted more of the tax burden away from big business (the donor class) to small business and families.

Fortunately, citizens gathered an overwhelming number of signatures to stop the increase and place it on the ballot. The legislature then quickly repealed the tax gambit in the recently ended session. It should also be noted that Harmon’s Grocery opening their stores for signature gatherers. They were a game changer* in the effort (please stop by their store and pick something up).

We’re in the midst of the SARS CoV 2 (aka COVID19, China Virus, Wuhan Virus…etc. etc.) and people are stocking up on food and good (albeit misdirected by some hysteria fueled by the national media, in particular), having to stay home and seeing individuals and businesses (especially small business) taking financial hits. If it were not for citizens and Harmon’s, not only would families and small business be facing the economic stress from the current situation but it would’ve been amplified by the high tax burden heaped on them with poor tax policy.

Harmon’s Grocery really should be thanked for their help. They really stuck their necks out for the referendum and were even targeted by an upset Governor Herbert. Thanks to them, Associated Food Stores also opened their stores to signature gatherers. Harmon’s was a pivot point and deserves our appreciation (and business).

For a partial list of those involved in the battle on this issue see here: Utah 2019 Tax Referendum: The Winners and Losers

Call Now: Bill Threatening Right To Vote On Utah Governor’s Desk

UPDATE: Due to the pandemic, Governor Herbert says he’s super worried about legislation with a financial impact but was perfectly fine signing the bill to disenfranchise voters who have personal data/safety concerns which will also have a financial impact (bill has a fiscal note) on taxpayers as we get to pay for the bill’s implementation. Not really surprising, he’s always catered to the GOPe. You’re not his constituent, political and corporate elites are (this article provides a good example of where loyalty lies related to the border wall but beware it has some salty language).

SB83 – Voter Registration Information Amendments which I have tracked is on the Governor’s desk. Details on how bad this bill is can be found here.

The bill will deny you the right to vote unless you agree that your information is shared with the Republican and Democratic parties (even if you are not affiliated with them) along with their candidates (including those convicted of serious crimes), political consultants, and  non-background checked volunteers. These third parties and legislators have decided they’re entitled to your information. Either you hand it over or you do not vote. Period.

In our world where personal data is considered currency, it’s a new poll tax.

This is your last chance to stop this. Contact Governor Herbert at 801-538-1000 and firmly request that he veto this very swampy, self-serving and seemingly unconstitutional bill which can put your personal security (particularly young women) at risk.

A Bill Utah’s Political Grifters Will Certainly Get Behind

Remember some years ago folks like Kirk Jowers, Scott Anderson, Natalie Gochnour, Lavarr Webb, former Governor Mike Leavitt and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce plotted to kill off the caucus system. While they were unable to entirely destroy the system, they came up with a means to effectively neutralize it:

Both Jowers and LaVarr Webb spoke in an effort to convince attendees at a meeting of influential Utahns to get rid of the caucus system or neutralize it with a guaranteed primary.

As I warned in that same post:

The best thing that could happen for high powered political players and big donors would be to push influence from citizens and their neighborhoods firmly into territory where their money and influence have a greater impact: primaries and general elections…

They publicly portrayed their motive for this as a way to ‘increase public participation in the process’. Really, it was to consolidate power into the hands of the political class and their corporate cronies (“the swamp”) and line their pockets in the process.

I had a first hand witness of it in action this weekend. I volunteered to help a conservative incumbent candidate gather signatures to ensure that she would be on the primary ballot since her challenger is collecting signatures. She opted to keep her campaign on a grass-roots level, asking for citizen help to gather signatures. By contrast, her opponent hired a firm appropriately named “Gather” to get her required 1,000 signatures using paid signature gathers (essentially a bounty).

Going house-to-house is a lengthy, fairly unproductive process as many folks aren’t home, have moved, won’t open their door to strangers, etc. etc. It takes a lot of time to gather a handful of signatures. It’s why signature gathering firms charge a bunch for each  signature they get. Using volunteers sacrificing their limited time (we all have day jobs and families) is the right thing to do (despite this being a swamp-designed process), but it’s tough. Meanwhile, paid gatherers use employees who don’t sacrifice their free time and have a far more time to gather signatures. Thus, most candidates pay for signature gathering.

This results in incumbents using cash showered upon them by lobbyists to pay for political consultants/signature firms, higher campaign overhead and putting less effort on the citizen-driven caucus. Those challenging incumbents either use their own funds or sell their souls in order to obtain the money required to pay the signature gatherers. The swamp becomes the driver and their ‘key constituents’. Common citizens and non-swamp anointed candidates are all but shut out of the process. All this must have Jowers, Webb and their consultant-class swamp cronies beaming…and enjoying fatter wallets.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re just a bunch of political grifters*. They run their virtue signaling sophistry about increasing public participation in elections but they’re quite clear on what they think of the public outside of their clique. In my book, they’re equivalent to the Bill Kristol/Rick Wilson ‘Bullwark liberals’ who’ve been exposed of what amounts to pretending to be conservative so they can sell cruise tickets to the rubes.

As I thought about this after returning home, it struck me that there would be a fun way to expose their true intents. I need to convince a legislator to run a bill that makes a tiny change to the current primary signature rules. Best of all it would meet their so-called goal of increasing public participation. That bill would require that all primary ballot petition signatures be gathered by volunteers and no compensation in-kind or otherwise could be exchanged for signatures.

It’s already illegal to pay for votes. Why not for signatures? Plus, requiring the use of volunteer signature gatherers  ensures actual public participation in the political process.

Care to wager what the Jowers-Webb-Chamber of Commerce swamp class will do if someone introduces this bill? The head explosions alone will blow the dome off the capitol!


*The urban dictionary definition of “grifter” is great: “A Grifter, is somebody who can influence anybody, anywhere, at anytime, into doing whatever they choose to have them do, that will result in the grifter’s personal gain. Usually monetary, but really anything that benefits him or her somehow.

Hypocritical Utah Republican, Democrat Parties And Legislature To All Voters: You’re Right To Vote Is Denied…Unless You Pay Us With Your Personal Information (UPDATES)

It’s the nouveau poll tax laid on citizens by the Utah swamp.

Personal information to mine and exploit is the the modern day currency. The Republican and Democrat parties, paid consultants (lobbyists) are looking to collect and you are the dollar signs in their eyes.

The Utah Senate unanimously passed SB83 “Voter Registration Information Amendments” which revokes the ability of all new voters (including teens who pre-register when they get their driver license) to keep their information private and requires them to involuntarily disclose personal information to the big two political parties. That applies to every voter, regardless of which party you affiliate yourself with or if you’re unaffiliated – they don’t care, they’re taking your information.

But there’s more: they will take your information and share it with their connected friends such as consultants, volunteers and other “third parties”.

But they’re not done yet: There are, of course, exemptions. Elites and the politically connected get to keep their information private, they only want the riffraff’s information to exploit…even if that might endanger them should some felon volunteers get the list or why not a felon candidate (spoiler alert: he ran but was knocked out in convention). (Bonus: see update below)

Here’s the putrid hypocrisy: A bunch of state senators threw a fit when they found out that the UofU was getting personal information for medical studies (and I support them in reigning the UofU in). These same guys/gals then don’t think it a problem at all when they do the same thing and take your information under threat of your right to vote…so long as it benefits them and their self-serving “research”.

The hypocrisy is bad enough for the Democrats but stinks worse for the Republicans. See, they purport to favor small government and don’t like entitlement. Unless it benefits them to something they’ve decided they’re “entitled” to. Unlike private businesses (and most researchers) who are expected to take the make the case for your cooperation and ask for your information (and protect it), these guys are entitled to take and share it around.

Really it’s worse than just taking and sharing. They do it by telling you that you will be prohibited from registering to vote if you don’t cough it up.

They don’t serve you, they serve the party, they serve themselves and their special friends. The bill is nothing more than bipartisan swamp dreck.

I highly recommend you contact your Utah House Representative and strongly urge them to put citizens and voter rights ahead of party avarice and oppose SB83. Furthermore, I would call both state Republican HQ (801-533-9777) and Democrat HQ (801-328-1212) and let them know you thoughts about holding your vote hostage. I would also certainly withhold any donations and volunteer work for them.

UPDATE: This year an individual convicted of sexual battery* is running on the Republican ticket. If this bill passes, your, your wife’s and teenage duaghter’s information will be shared with any number of candidates, contractors and volunteers** some with criminal histories that include sexual or other violent crimes.
*Note: The individual may have been set-up (it’s a cloudy conviction) but this demonstrates that a criminal conviction will not preclude access to the voter list.
**These all fall under the definition of “candidate for public office” in the bill.

UPDATE II: Just to pour some more salt into the wound: The bill now has a fiscal note for $28,200. So taxpayers and voters now also get to pay for the Republican/Democrat/Swam Consultants to hold your vote hostage to grabbing your personal info.

UPDATE III: Heading to the Governor Herbert’s desk. Call 801-538-1000 and ask him to veto this awful bill that institutes a modern day poll tax.

Addendum: Don’t be fooled by kabuki Senators like Todd Weiler who voted against the bill in committee but then voted for it on the floor when it mattered.

Also don’t be fooled if they say that bill has been adjusted to allow opt-out from political parties, it’s a half truth: it only applies to a few, select people (like “elected officials”) and victims of dating or domestic violence (who have to bring back the memories of their cases as they are required to provide proof thereof or, if they can’t bear to do so, can just not register and not vote).

You should also consider doing this while you still can: How To Make Your Utah Voter Registration Information Private

Utah Republican And Democrat Parties Demand You Give Away Your Personal Information If You Want to Vote

Prior to 2018,  the personal identifying information of ever Utah voter, including yours, was sold by the Lt. Governors office to political parties and consultants, to voterrecords.com, and to anyone else with $1,050. The political parties use the information to contact you but they also give the information to thousands of campaign workers, pollsters, consultants and to those compiling and maintaining political databases  Voterrecords.com posts the information to the web in a format that lets users track you down, obtain a map to your home, find your neighbors and even access other family members records. It also allows people who wish to do harm to others find them.

Finally, in 2018 a bill was passed that allows voters to make their records private so they can only be used by election officials for official purposes. Once private, your records are no longer sold. In spite of the fact that this change was not widely publicized, 14% of voters have now made their records private–97,000 in Salt Lake County alone.

This, however, didn’t sit well with the Democrat and Republican parties, their agents and their independent contractors because these people see you as a resource to exploit and they are convinced everyone owes them their private information. While businesses have to use various means to get your information, these political consultants and major parties prefer to use the law and force you to cough up your information…at the penalty of losing your right to vote.

Enter Senator Jake Anderegg. He’s come up with SB83 Voter Registration Information Amendments. It will wipe out all private records and open them up for exploitation by Republican and Democrat parties and the consultant/lobbyist class. They can then spread the information out to their buddies and so forth. Worse, it also wipes out the private records of people with protective orders, police officers, members of the military, teenagers and others with security concerns or who just wish to keep their records off of voterrecords.com. Under SB83, individuals who have make their records private will have their records made public unless they plead their case to the county based on the restrictive rules enacted at the behest of the political consultants and the Democrat and GOP parties. That or they can just not bother voting any longer and cancel their voter registration.

Because big political parties and their consultant cronies believe they are entitled to your information that entitlement trumps your right to vote. It’s the nouveau poll tax – Want to vote? Pay the swamp with your personal data to do with as we please.

For now, set your personal voter information as a private record – Here’s how, it’s quick and easy. At least it will keep your information safe until the bill passes. Then contact your Senator and ask them to oppose this bad bill so your information will remain private.


For all posts on this topic, click here. Also, be aware that these are not the only groups abusing your personal information and have an entitled attitude – The UofU takes your personal information via the Driver License Division without asking your permission too.