Gab Beta Invites Open To All

Update: Invites sent, be sure the check your spam folder. A couple of invites still available.

A few day ago, I posted that I had some invites to hand out and was allocating them with a preference for liberal signups (libs – if you asked for one, they’ve been sent out so check your email  and spam folder, if you don’t have one contact me again ASAP).

Enough time has passed now and I still have some available so they are now up for grabs for whoever wants them – no preference, just first come first serve. To request an invite:

…click the “URContact” link above or right here with an email address you want the invite sent to.

Before requesting an invite, please review the first invite post (Gab Invites Available) so you understand what Gab is and what to expect. Again, regardless of what part of the political spectrum you lie on, thick skin is recommended.

How To Move Apps From One Google Account To Another

Totally off topic for this blog. I’m just putting this up here for future reference and for other people looking for an answer.

I had a couple of Google accounts with apps associated with them and couldn’t figure our how to transfer the apps from one account to a different one as I planned to close/delete the first. Everything I could find with searches said that it can’t be done and you basically had to have the two accounts associated with your device. I really didn’t want two accounts so I stumbled onto a work around (at least for free apps*):

1. First figure out which apps are associated with the account you want to get rid of or not use (ie which apps you want to move to your new account. You can use your play store app on the device to do this or log into the play store from your browser and use the My Apps tab to view what you have.

2. Remove the Google account you don’t want to use on your device (go through the settings to do this – plenty of instructions on the web for this).

3. Log into the play store via browser (not on your device). Go to each of the apps you noted in step 1 and click install. A message will confirm that the app will be installed on your device and after acknowledging this message, the app will be listed as “installed” (the app won’t be downloaded, rather, the system will recognize it is already installed and add the app to your account). You can also verify this by going to the My Apps section and the apps you ‘installed’ should appear in it.

4. I would give it some time and verify that you added still update when the developer/play store release updates. If so, go ahead and delete the unwanted account.

That’s it. It worked for me.

*NOTE: I did this with free apps (paid apps were already installed on the correct account). You can try the above with paid apps but I have no idea if it will work and if those apps will receive updates.

Gab Invites Available (Liberal Preference)

Update: Invites open to all (no preference). See: Gab Beta Invites Open To All

I’ve been on for a several of months now. The platform is still in beta but has a vastly growing user base. They have now allocated invites for us to hand out.

I have some and if you are interested in receiving an invite, click the “URContact” link above or right here with an email address you want the invite sent to.

That said, there are some things to know for the sake of full disclosure. First, to know more about Gab, see this post (lots of platform improvements since then too like ability to edit). Next,  as I noted in that post:

Most folks are libertarian, conservative, and some so-called ‘alt-right’ but there’s a growing contingent of lefties who are also unimpressed with double standard free speech. Everyone is welcome as long as your goal isn’t to suppress another’s speech (a thick skin is a plus).

Given the still early stage of Gab’s existence coupled with established social media’s animosity towards conservative, libertarian, and ‘alt-righters’ (alt-rights? alt-rightarians?…whatever), those groups comprise the majority of users. As expected, there is a distinct but gradual change with increasing numbers of centrist and center-right folks who value an real free speech platform. Liberals are still coming in lesser numbers (and are a small minority right now). Thus, if you are a liberal interested in free flowing debate (and not to troll* or shut down speech), I have some invites reserved just for you.

Have at it!

*As with any site, trolls will come and there’s a range of trolls from traditional to false flag trolls (put extremist crap up to discredit the site and/or try to intimidate others away) along with the ‘regular’ sets of conspiracy theorists and fringe types you find everywhere. Gab’s advantage is there’s no capricious ban hammer so the fringe folks can ‘be themselves’ rather than faking who they really are. It makes it fairly easy to weed them out if you don’t want to hear from ’em. Per Gab’s mission, it won’t block them as it gives you the capability to filter out any account you please.

Edit: Made some edits for clarity and completeness.

The Good And Blessed USA

Today’s a day of reflection. It’s amazing that 15 years have passed since Islamic terrorists killed so many in their twisted hate.

I just want to say I wish people here would think about how wonderful we have it here in the US. I’ve lived in several nations where true poverty exists and real walls to fulfilling your potential exist. People here seem oblivious to this and seem intent on seeking absurd reasons to be miserable and make a hobby at finding fault where none exists. Many spend more time trying to scapegoat their own shortcomings rather than identifying a path forward and pushing passed (or blowing up) any real obstacles ahead (usually of their own making and control).

Sure the US has screwed some stuff up along the way (surprise – men are fallible). Some of that still has effects today but this nation was established on divinely inspired principles the provide for a freedom of opportunity. If those principles are adhered to, the path is open to success for all should they choose it, and work for it.

We seem to be losing the vision and nefarious sources will attack it. I pray that we return to the foundations of liberty and opportunity, that we don’t get sucked into Pyrrhic solutions to false disparity. Take the time to look on history, the real misery of nations (past and present) and sacrifices made for us. The US is a righteous nation and one to be proud of. Let’s not blow it.

Finally: A Real Free Speech Platform

Earlier this year, I  effectively ditched Twitter and will ultimately terminate my account there. I don’t think I’ve used it for months now*. As I said back then, I was not interested in providing content to a provider that claimed to be all for open dialog but they turn to censorship and double standards when someone disagrees with their worldview. Heh, I still smile when I think of their “Trust and Safety Council” seemingly pulled from an Orwell novel.

So for a while now, I’ve been using my own microblog. Meh, it’s ok and it let me keep a list of stuff that interested me with a couple of quips added in for fun.

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who walked away. A few weeks ago I heard about The platform is much like Twitter and is in beta (more info on The libertarian developer also wanted a real open discussion platform. Thus, was born.

I’ve been playing on (hence fewer posts on my microblog) and it’s been awesome. Yep, it’s in beta but continually improving. Most folks are libertarian, conservative, and some so-called ‘alt-right’ but there’s a growing contingent of lefties who are also unimpressed with double standard free speech. Everyone is welcome as long as your goal isn’t to suppress another’s speech (a thick skin is a plus).

Head on over, what every political stripe you are, and sign up for your invite. Get ready to speak freely!

*As an aside: dumping social media for a while is fantastic! You realize how much better stuff there is to do with your time (you know, like real life relationships). I’m on Gab now but easily spend less overall time with social media fluff.

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A Must Read Essay On The Destructive Force Of Truth Avoidance

This is an absolute must-read essay (via Instapundit). It is a nice tie-in to my semi-recent post “The Offended Society: Killing Freedom To Think And Our Future“. Be sure to note that the problem is found in all facets of society including one of the last bastions of foundational values: religion.

Of Pigpens And Paradise

Excerpt (please read the whole essay):

This is why I get so angry at my fellow conservatives who blame bad schools and incompetent teachers for the poor educational results among the impoverished. Children are not empty receptacles into which we can insert knowledge. If they live in homes filled with noise, chaos, violence, and contempt, it doesn’t matter what race they are, they are going to be very lucky to make it….

…Here’s the thing: it’s not just the poor and the working class anymore. I’m told by teachers and others that it’s the middle class now too. The attitude that if anything is wrong, it’s Somebody Else’s Fault, is becoming general. Nobody wants to hear criticism of any sort. Nobody wants to recognize authority, or to assert authority in a meaningful way.

This is what it means to live in therapeutic culture, in which maintaining a sense of well being is the absolute telos of our common and individual life. This is what it means when the values of the marketplace (e.g., “The customers is always right”) have infected our normative institutions, and inform the way families and individuals see themselves. This is what it means when our churches (insofar as people still attend them) treat their purpose as offering people comfort and uplift, not solid moral norms and preaching repentance when we fall short. This is what it means when we the people expect our institutions — our schools, our churches, and so forth — to cater to our own felt emotional needs.

The middle class can forestall the reckoning because we have money and resources to avoid the consequences; the poor and the working classes do not. But a reckoning is coming…