Shurtleff Off The Hook For Now, Thanks To Obama’s DOJ?

Remember, Shurtleff was in with the Obama admin and rumor had it that he was angling for a job at Holder’s DOJ:

Judge dismisses criminal case against former Utah AG Mark Shurtleff

…and prosecution accusations that evidence from the federal government would not be provided.

All Shurtleff posts available here. Posts related to Shurtleff working with Obama admin and Holder/DOJ, in particular.


The Lost Post: Attorney Generals, ID Theft And Illegal Immigration

Somehow I managed to lose this post or forgot about it some time ago (ie before Swallow was elected).  I stumbled back onto it and whatayaknow – it still kinda works since we’re in the process of officially electing a replacement.  Dude, even the link still works! What’s a time-cramped blogger to do with a gimme like this? Anyway, here it is:

It’s been a while since I wrote on identity theft and illegal immigration. This is just one more data point from the Utah AG related to SSN theft/fraud and how damaging it is:

“The main problem with identity theft is related to the social security number itself,” said Scott Morrill with the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

Morrill works the investigation division and specializes in identity theft. He said the Social Security Administration doesn’t do enough to track, protect, or identify the misuse of peoples’ social security numbers. For criminals, a social security number is the golden ticket and if they’ve got your social security number, it was fairly easy to get the rest of your information.

In the past the SSA Chief Actuary and the Utah AG’s Office have noted the link between illegal immigration as a significant driver of SSN identity theft (illegal immigrants initially use the number to obtain employment and may, thereafter, use it for credit, medical care etc). Even when just used for employment, SSN theft has serious and destructive consequences to the victims (tainted work records can result in disqualification of government benefits, tax refunds, tuition/scholarship programs…). Victims are often children as dealers prefer their IDs since they are ‘clean’ and unlikely to check for fraudulent activity.

Former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff initially came out strongly against illegal immigrants engaging in the practice (particularly involving children) and later decided it wasn’t a big deal even joining the board of the pro-amnesty National Immigration Forum and pushing for amnesty. Time will tell how seriously new Attorney General takes SSN theft regardless of who commits it.

Utah’s Illegal Immigration Humanitarian Border Fiasco Enablers

It’s been months since I posted here. Wish I could keep up better but time is very short so I’ll just get on with it.

For about the last month, we’ve been (and still are) witnessing a royal mess at our southern border. The crush of people coming through seems to have so overwhelmed the border patrol that we effectively have an open southern border and defacto amnesty not only for those already illegally in the United States but for the entire world as long as they can get to the Southern border.

The results of this free flow amount to an environment ripe for human trafficking, child rape and victimization, and a likely public health hazard (here too) as illegal immigrants are being transported and dropped of in various states (and let’s be honest – they ain’t showing up for their court dates). Obviously, the situation is being capitalized on by various criminal enterprises to more effectively funnel their own “products” and personnel into the US.

So who turned the magnet on that has Central Americans believing (and their media affirming) the welcome mat is out on the US southern border? Who gave them that idea and enabled all this? Nationally, it’s the usual suspects: the President, the majority of Democrats and plenty of Republicans (McCain, Grahamnesty etc), various amnesty groups, religious organizations, the US Chamber of Commerce, and a plethora of corporate welfare leaches, crony capitalists with their amoral lobbyists.

And how about on the local level?..In Utah, we have our enablers:

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and it’s head, Lane Beatty. They’re the mastermind of the illegal labor/cheap labor at all costs unconstitutional Utah amnesty legislation (which is also hardly a favor to the illegal immigrants, in my estimation). They’re also the same group that sold it (and the Utah Compact sophistry) to the LDS Church to get them to lobby legislators for it’s passage. HB116 serves as an enticement that leads illegal immigrants to believe that they will be welcomed, defacto legalized, and provided for – it turns on the magnet locally. Of course, that legislation is so loused-up that implementation keeps getting delayed and the bill’s Godfather (Bramble) now plans on repealing it in a couple of years…if you trust the word of a died-in-the-wool Chicago-style politician. Meanwhile, the magnet with the promise of potential implementation stays on.

The LDS Church (at least Public Affairs) likes the Utah Compact. They intentionally continue to avoid differentiating legal and illegal immigrants, make special provisions for illegal immigrant missionaries and do so under the guise of “keeping families together”. From the get-go that line was always a farce and the current situation demonstrates this perfectly: 1. Children are leaving their families and being placed at risk and in the hands of predators to come over here under a false promise creating orphans and 2. Other children are coming here and ICE is trying to link them with family already here (ie: mom and/or dad ditched them at home when they illegally came into the US).

Better yet, a few Sundays ago I listened to a missionary report on teaching an illegal immigrant family that couldn’t be baptized because the father was still married to his first wife in Mexico (I think he left her with the kids too – so much for keeping that family together) because he couldn’t go back to get a divorce. Meanwhile he’d had children with his illegal immigrant girlfriend in the US. Well, the father died so the shack-up girlfriend wasn’t living in sin anymore and they were able to baptize the family (in the US). It was intimated that things worked out well because dad died (WTH?!). I wondered if I had somehow flipped on an LDS Jerry Springer episode!

Evidently, ditching children, shacking up and having more kids is not uncommon and is deserving of support and “prosecutorial discretion”.  One wonders which family we should keep together…

Anyway, back to our list of local enablers:

Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank, Radio Host Doug Wright, and Former AG Mark Shurtleff. Besides being amnesty shills who set up a sanctuary city (Burbank) and helped make Utah a sanctuary state, they also find illegal immigrant identity fraud funny.

Senator Curt Bramble (and HB116 supporters in the Legislature). See the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce section for details.

Paul Mero and The Sutherland Institute. Open borders folks who also supported HB116. I’m still not sure if their often inept political posturing isn’t actually a hindernace to the Utah amnesty push but they’re big amnesty proponents.

Senator Orrin Hatch – an early DREAM Act proponent (with his ousted compatriot, Bob Bennett who was outwardly supportive of amnesty). Hatch has been co-opted by the crony capitalists and high tech rich kids like Mark Zuckerberg (such as a  traveling and monetary relationship ).

Governor Herbert’s lackluster leadership on this issue (especially E-Verify) and coziness with the Salt Lake Chamber, even heading to DC to do their bidding and, of course, signing Utah’s amnesty bill.  Let’s also not forget the House and Senate leadership at that time (eg Speaker Becky Lockhart and and former Senate President, Michael Waddoups). Lockhart and others have also just doubled down to keep the orphan magnet flowing with a letter to congress to shove amnesty down our throats:

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, House Speaker Becky Lockhart, House Majority Leader Brad Dee and 23 other GOP legislators — joined by former U.S. Senator Jake Garn — signed the letter.

The other usual suspects – amnesty and race-focused groups, Tony Yapias, etc. etc.

I’m sure we can expect them all to step up and personally fund medical care, child and adult victim rape/abuse counseling, housing, transportation, resettlement (keeping families together, of course), and education for all the illegal immigrants entering thanks to their promises. Surely, they’ll continue to do so in perpetuity so as to avoid any costs to taxpayers and those supportive of actually obeying laws both personally and in business and to avoid employment-related identity theft by the illegal immigrants (and avoid child victims of this identity theft). Surely they’ll pay for the humanitarian crisis they’ve created and provide for the orphans they’ve created.  Or are victims just collateral damage and enablers’ foreseeable mess something the rest of us are on the hook for?

So let’s keep enticing people to enter illegally with promises of amnesty, tax-subsidized in-state tuition, and free transportation to their final destination, among other programs. What could go wrong?

A Herbert-Salt Lake Chamber Merger?

Just a quick blurb on an emerging pattern with Governor Herbert’s administration. Governor Herbert is known to be cozy with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Now we’re moving to a full-on love affair.

Over the course of the past few months, Gov. Herbert has hired the Salt Lake Chamber’s Marty Carpenter as his spokesman and, now, Wesley Smith as his Washington DC liaison. Both were big advocates of Utah’s critically flawed amnesty legislation (HB116) while with the Chamber as well.

The choices should please US House GOP leadership, however, since they are virtually acting as a subsidiary of the US Chamber of Commerce on this issue. Their money seems to be behind Boehner et al disregarding warnings and focusing something very few consider a priority, with a president willing to unilaterally block established laws, and pulling attention away from the disaster that is Obamacare.

Exit questions:
The Salt Lake Chamber, like the US Chamber, is pushing House GOP leadership ram through their amnesty-light bill. Will Wesley Smith (with a tax paid salary) be lobbying the House to pass this new shinola (ie filling in for Mark Shurtleff)?

Are both Carpenter and Smith retaining jobs at the Salt Lake Chamber when they end their terms with Gov. Herbert?

Bedfellows: The Salt Lake Chamber, Herbert And The Attorney Suing To Force In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

Georgia has a law that prohibits illegal aliens inhabiting the state from tapping into taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition. Nay, nay says attorney Charles Kuck. Illegal immigrants have a right to in-state tuition that non-state residents and legal immigrants are, for Kuck, seemingly justly denied. What’s a lawyer to do when such an absurd proposition comes to mind? Why, sue to force taxpayers to pay for a new entitlement, of course – [Illegal] Immigrant students seek Georgia’s in-state tuition rates.

This is a Utah blog, however, so what’s the connection? The Kuck firm is the go-to firm for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Members of the Kuck firm serve on their Immigration Task Force and Kuck touts their involvement with their “Utah’s Next Steps on Immigration” video (which is also on the Chamber’s blog site.

Kuck also get’s the nod from Governor Herbert who appointed their representative to the Utah Commission On Immigration as well as from Mark Shrutleff when he was still Utah’s AG and found the time to host a conference with the firm. Shurtleff was also quite satisfied heralding Obama’s “Deferred Action” Constitution-undermining executive order (one of many) that is the basis for Kuck’s case.

The takeaway here is that the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, the current Governor and another (former) high-level executive branch member appear perfectly fine with a firm that wants to shakedown another state’s taxpayers to benefit a select group that demands entitlement (despite their lack of legal presence). Unless you benefit from this type of corporate cronyism, it might be something worth remembering when any of the above come out with flashy ads and soundbites about having your best financial interest in mind.

Does Utah State Senator Reid Have Amnesia?

I think selective amnesia really a very common ailment among politicians.  It really should be clinically diagnosed by now…

According to Senator Stuart Reid’s op-ed (Congress neglecting duty on immigration reform)  in the Salt Lake Tribune:

HB116…was also passed after a long and emotional debate.


HB 116 is Utah’s illegal immigrant amnesty bill and anyone paying attention knows that it was passed with virtually no debate late on the very same night as the panned HB477 (which limited access to government records, particularly legislative communications, under GRAMA).  HB477 sucked up the maority of attention as it impacted the media which didn’t report on HB116.  Ultimately, both bills were developed behind closed doors in rushed process where legislators didn’t have time to read or publicly debate the bills before voting on them.

Just like Obamacare and other rushed, unvetted bills, major flaws and unintended consequences with huge repercussions were observed.  Beyond that, the bill is clearly unconstitutional.  Thus, this year, they delayed implementation of HB116…and didn’t fix any portion of the bill.  Senator Reid then bemoans (emphasis added):

If Congress fails to reform immigration, Utah will be faced with trying to manage immigration problems not of its own making, potentially without the necessary authority to do so. This is an untenable position for Utah to be in.

HB116 was of Utah’s own making with the knowledge that it was outside our scope of constitutional authority to do so.  The bill itself had a constitutional warning attached from the Legislative Counsel’s office!  Better yet, I’ll give you three guesses (and the first two don’t count) on who the Senate Floor Sponsor for HB 116 was .

For the record: selective amnesia exists.  It is known as “Lacunar amnesia” – Senator Reid must have a chronic case…or he just nuked the BS meter.

Latest Illegal Immigration Amnesty News Summary- Captain Obvious Edition

Sometimes, you have the choice of tearing your hair out at the antics coming from Congress or try to get a chuckle out of it. I’ve opted for the latter. As a bit of background, let’s start with the shock…SHOCK! at the White House and DREAM Act supporters slamming House Republicans and Boehner for…drafting the DREAM Act.

Finally ending the charade, McCain admitted that, yeah, amnesty isn’t going to get the GOP a single Hispanic vote after all. There goes that ridiculous “justification” to pass his Senate shinola sandwich bill. Maybe he felt ashamed that he didn’t know what was in the bill he voted for? Nah, actually, McCain’s been on a ‘come clean’ run this week when he also affirmed the (sham vote-buying) border surge really probably won’t happen and can’t wait for the House to pass anything he can slap into conference committee to turn back into the Senate version. Has he been watching Liar, Liar?

Believe it or not, elite GOP donors are pushing hard for amnesty ‘to save the party’. I wonder how they feel about McCain torpedoing their rationalization:

The donors, led by former Bush administration Cabinet officials Carlos Gutierrez and Spencer Abraham, also said that immigrants are potential Republican voters who can be won over…

Meh, honestly, most who’ve paid attention to the issue never really fell for that anyway. They didn’t have a whole lot of credibility for McCain undermine.

In the meantime, amnesty supporters decided it would be a good idea to block streets and traffic while demanding they get a free pass into the country unavailable to legal and prospective legal immigrants. Here’s their justification tweet:

Dreams are shut down every day we don’t have #CIR, so we’re shutting down traffic in DC…

Heh, even one of Mark Shurtleff’s friends (Sharry) from the National Immigration Forum was arrested. No worries, they’ll all qualify for “deferred action” (TM).

Another report finds that DHS officials manipulating and ignoring illegal crossing data and refuse to let anyone (even academic panels) see the data. But c’mon they can totally be trusted to provide accurate “effectiveness rate” data that will determine when trigger Senate amnesty bill measures.

This leads us to the Guardian reporting a study discovering that soon-to-be illegal immigrants are, curiously, not all that worried about arrest/deportation when entering a country with lax law enforcement and continual pushes for amnesty. Who knew?! I’m sure that won’t affect future illegal immigration…certainly, they’ll respect our enforcement promises this time around.

On a serious note, Mickey Kaus provides some pertinent advice: Better not be silent or plan on eating amnesty – call/email your Representative voicing your opposition to amnesty today!

Finally, we have Ms. Deam-And-Pass Pelosi threatening to do an end run around the House GOP to ram amnesty down our throats. Inconceivable!