HB116: Time To Put Up Or Shut Up (SB 225)

In 2011, during a late night session with negligible public review or debate, the legislature passed HB116 which creates a Utah amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Shortly thereafter the bill was touted as a great program and model for the entire nation by proponents and legislative supporters with Senator Curt Bramble acting as the coordinator and head cheerleader.

The law is to go into effect this year, at a significant cost to the state, and will comprise of several significant costs including the likelihood of litigation since the bill is conceded by everyone to be unconstitutional.  Yet Senator Bramble (and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce) are now wimping out by altering the enactment date (via SB225).  This is pure deceit.  If the bill is as wonderful as the architects (Bramble/Salt Lake Chamber) and its proponents continue to herald, then they should man-up and be allowed it to go into effect.

If the bill really is so troublesome that implementation must be delayed, then an immediate repeal of HB116 is in order to avoid the various costs, unconstitutional nature, and significant flaws the bill encompasses.  No wonder why the architects of the precursory Utah Compact don’t want their “fingerprints on it”.

I would urge you to contact your legislators an ask that they oppose any motion (SB 225) to alter HB116’s effective date and support a repeal.  Tell them to stop pretending that this is the best thing since sliced bread and repeal this disaster.

Take it away Sen. Bramble…


Farcical Games On Utah’s Amnesty Law (HB116)

Who’s up for another legislative ruse on HB116?

All of a sudden Curt Bramble and Becky Lockhart have their panties in a bunch about HB116.  They’re worried Utah is going to justifiably get sued for a clearly unconstitutional law.  Don’t be fooled by the article’s title (“Utah lawmakers may gut guest-worker law“):

“If we don’t repeal the trigger, we must establish the whole program,” Bramble said. “It will cost the state a lot of money to set up, and any employer who hires with the state-issued permit would be subject to being sued by the federal government.”

Last I heard, the bill was supposed to be a bring in revenue.  Now they’re worried about it costing money.  However, as your read the article, it is clear they really don’t care a lick about the other myriad of flaws in the bill and still refuse to address the disregard for victims of illegal immigrant driven identity theft.  Their only care is that the trigger date is approaching and they know it will cost us dearly.

That, of course, doesn’t bother Paul Mero:

Paul Mero, president of The Sutherland Institute and signer of the compact, opposed removal of the enactment date and creation of a new E-Verify law.

Then again, Mero figures taxpayers will bear the costs of the law – I don’t see him offering to pay for it, nor pay for victims’ assistance.  I guess he’s opposed to crony capitalism unless it benefits him.  He’s not alone in that – the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce effectively wrote the law.  They were out for a cheep labor pool and legislators were out to buy votes.  Too bad amnesty schemes are shown to consistently backfire on Republicans (see here, here, and here too).

Long story short – nothing substantive will happen with the bill.  Maybe they’ll change the date and let Obama/Holder handle the rest even if it is by unconstitutional* executive fiat.  Given Mark Shurtleff buddying up to Obama and meeting the Mexican Ambassador, that would be no surprise.

*Assuming the Constitution means anything anymore.

Under The Rug: Obama’s DHS, Illegal Immigrant Deferred Action and Child Identity Theft

A few months ago, three sisters in Utah were granted prosecutorial discretion (deferred action) where Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff played a key role. At that time, I asked Mr. Shurtleff if any attempt had been made to determine the Social Security Numbers (SSN) used by the sisters and inform the victims and Mr. Shurleff, who lauds the program, never returned a reply to the question. Therefore, I asked the DHS spokeswoman involved in the case. It serves as an omen of the Obama Administration’s (and Shurtleff’s) continued and future disregard for the victims of illegal alien-driven child identity theft.

I emailed Ms. Kice back and forth in an attempt to have the above question answered and she too refused to answer. Rather, she tried to avoid/spin the question by noting that identity theft in general is important to ICE but consistently demurred from actually answering the question whether applicants are screened and victims informed. Clearly, they make no such effort.

Nevertheless, in her final email, she did divulge some information and it explicitly demonstrates the utter disregard for the problem and victims (emphasis added):

As the links below make clear, large-scale identity theft is a priority for ICE. And clearly, if there is suspicion a person is involved in ongoing criminal activity, or if they have been previously arrested for such, that would weigh heavily on the decision to exercise prosecutorial discretion in a case.




You are assuming that all individuals who are working illegally in the U.S. do so using stolen Social Security information. While that certainly does occur, in other instances individuals use bogus numbers that aren’t assigned to a particular individual.

Virginia Kice
Western Regional Communications Director/Spokesperson
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

It is true that not all illegal aliens steal an identity. However, a majority engage in such (for example, in 2005 the Actuary of the Social Security Administration estimated that 75% pay payroll taxes which requires an SSN – an ITIN can’t be used. Yes, a portion of the aforementioned 75% use ‘unallocated’ SSNs. However, that only means they will one day be allocated (most likely to a newborn child) who will, therefore, be born into identity theft and receive a corrupted SSN (to include corrupt credit records, employment history, tax status, medical history, and potentially, criminal history). This too is incredibly destructive to the individual who is issued the compromised number – a recent Utah illustration is that of Mrs. Andrushko’s five-year-old son, Carter (snippets):

She explained that Ms. Aguirre used her son’s Social Security number for employment purposes, to obtain credit and even to get medical care. Ms. Andrushko told the court how hard it has been to determine the damage done to her son’s future and how after three years of constant effort, she has only scratched the surface.

The court heard that Ms. Andrushko was exceptionally concerned that her son’s Social Security number had been used by a 38 year old, Hispanic female with a different blood type, different allergies and different medical conditions since this could lead to the corruption of her son’s medical records with life threatening consequences.

Ms. Andrushko pointed out that [the defendant] had seriously compromised if not destroyed her son’s future and that as his mother, she was doing everything possible to recover his good name and to avoid future problems.

The judge inquired about getting a new Social Security number for the victim. Mr. Hamp explained that that would be just one more burden on the victim and that there was no guarantee that the new Social Security number would not be compromised. [emphasis added]

I guarantee that no applicants for Obama’s backdoor amnesty executive decision will be screened nor victims informed or SSN records scrubbed just as was the earlier case in Utah. Current and future victims like Carter and their parents will be left to deal with the aftermath.

Salt Lake Chamber’s Dream: Obama’s Immigration Policy

If you have followed the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s immigration policy (contained in HB116), you would have to anticipate that they are giddy over Obama’s latest immigration policy.  The Chamber and their supporters such as Mark Shurtleff, Sutherland Institute, and LDS Church Public Affairs are well aware of the identity theft, among other crimes, linked to illegal immigration as well as the victims of these crimes.  They’ve done well casting  blind eye to the victims (even to the point of laughing) and cavalierly dismissing the crime.

Some leaked documents indicate that Shurtleff (who is being invited to White House functions) and the Salt Lake Chamber have their wish (emphasis added):

Fox News has obtained an internal document detailing how the Department of Homeland Security plans to implement what critics say amounts to an amnesty policy for what could be more than one million illegal immigrants.

According to the documents, illegal immigrants convicted of felonies or misdemeanors under “state immigration laws” may be granted deferred action. Those who have repeatedly entered the United States illegally will also be eligible. And traffic violations would not be considered a misdemeanor…

…Sessions told Fox News that according to his understanding of the implementation documents, illegal immigrants who are using stolen or fraudulent Social Security numbers in order to gain employment will not be charged with a crime.

The Daily Caller has also reported on this earlier in the week: Obama immigration policy opens work permit door to ID thieves, jailed illegals, uninsured drivers

Heh.  No wonder the Salt Lake Chamber fell over themselves to declare immigration policy off-limits to states.

Citizen’s Summary On The Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration

I had this summary of the July 2, 2012 meeting passed on to me by a citizen attendee. The commission is chaired by Lt. Governor Bell and Attorney General Shurtleff is a member.  Edits were limited to a couple of spots where they went a bit off topic and commissioner names (look for brackets). Otherwise, the text of the summary, including typos, is in tact and unedited to allow for background information and avoid altering the writer’s personal opinion.

It should also be noted that this summary also demonstrates the Commission’s penchant to avoid hearing from citizens affected by illegal immigrants and the problem of relying on studies that don’t actually address the topic at hand. As noted in the first paragraph, one gentleman has been brushed off more than once and later a study is presented that fails to distinguish legal and illegal immigrant. This time, however, they did fit in testimony from a mother who’s son was the victim of illegal alien identity theft. Nevertheless, at this same meeting, one commissioner wants to officially disregard such testimony and only consider scholarly studies as discussed in yesterday’s post regarding the proposal.  Summary:

It was a terrible shame to see Mr. Bowers, whose son, Jonathan, was killed by a drunken illegal alien last year, once again present at the commission meeting the other day, once again ready to testify — and once again ignominiously bumped from the commission meeting agenda. It seems someone on the commission thought this grieving father’s testimony was merely “anecdotal,” not “scholarly” enough to be worth hearing. The commission, it was suggested, should instead stick with “scholars,” and “scholarly” data — not “isolated,” “unverified” testimonials by non-experts and country bumpkins. Blah blah blah, we’ve heard it all before, we’ve heard enough, we’re bored with it, intimated another commissioner, regarding citizen testimonials.

Certainly everyone in the room understood how biased a “scholarly” testimony could be. Both [Anderson and Tobias] vigorously raised this issue a couple of meetings ago and again this week. As I recall, the question of which “expert” testimonies should be commissioned, or even considered, had not yet been put to a vote, and remained unresolved.

Thus it was a surprise to a number of persons in the room when Pam Perlich, a University of Utah demographer, launched into a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Coming to our Census.”

Perlich had given variations of this presentation many times since 2010. Basically she warns that White Utah is facing imminent extinction and that if the state is to survive, it must accept the “new demographic” — which she identified as primarily Latinos, their babies, and their future babies — and that Utah also must agree to dramatically increase taxpayer funding in order to medicate and educate the “new face of Utah.” Besides, she repeatedly asserted, it is Utahns’ moral “responsibility.”

Much was made of the supposedly intrinsic value of diversity. (Of course, “diversity” ALWAYS is good, regardless of how good or bad, beneficial or detrimental, the divers elements are. Plus, unity is not important.)

Perlich clearly implied the illegal-alien invasion is no different than any “successive wave of new Americans” in the history of the country.


It seems Perlich’s study has been seized upon by the Salt Lake Chamber, by Deseret Management Corporation (parent company of Deseret News, KSL, and related Internet sites), by some members of the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration itself, and by various other boards and commissions in Utah. Many of these, by the way, seem to be interlocked. For example, Governor Herbert’s Education Excellence Commission includes Lane Beatty, who also is President and CEO of the the Chamber. Salt Lake’s Downtown Alliance is led by Jason Mathis — who also is on the immigration commission, and also is executive vice president of the Chamber. [snip]. Perlich’s points have been echoed almost verbatim by Salt Lake Chamber economist Natalie Glochnour, and form the primary basis for the Deseret News’ and KSL’s recent, multi-article, flagrantly pro-sanctuary, anti-enforcement series of articles, which series also is entitled “Coming To Our Census.”

Of course, the Chamber, Deseret Management, and at least some on Utah’s interlocking boards and commissions, and with no discernible objection from Perlich herself, are spinning Perlich’s study to subtly but clearly suggest that illegal aliens in Utah are not going anywhere; that they are reproducing at a faster rate in this country than in the country from whence they came and even more rapidly than the early pioneers; and that Utah therefore needs to “Shut up,” “Suck it up,” “Cough it up” (“Pay Up”).

According to them, one of the several items taxpayers should be opening their purses even wider for — again, if they are to fulfill their responsibility to the rising generation, they claim — is all-day Kindergarten. Not just “Kindergarten,” mind you, but ALL-DAY Kindergarten, specifically. They also are calling for pre-school (i.e., PRE-Kindergarten) — yes, that’s right, pre-school, for ALL illegal aliens and ALL anchor babies in Utah.

Surely the Chamber loves THAT idea (Glochnour, at least, is expressly pushing for it). After all, these things basically amount to taxpayer-funded day-care — which of course would facilitate the Chamber’s illegal employment of both father AND mother (God knows the father’s slave-wage alone isn’t enough).

Of course all this funding sounds altruistic and humane on the surface — until one realizes that the altruism and humanity apply only to illegal aliens and their anchor babies, not to America’s children, nor to their parents, who are losing wages, jobs, and homes.

Another presenter at the meeting, whose name I do not remember, subtly pointed to Driver Privilege Cards as the Key to illegal-alien health and therefore something that should never be done away with in Utah. He candidly acknowledged that illegal aliens are healthier than Americans in Utah — not a surprise, considering how much more enriched illegal aliens are by various health and welfare services than are most Americans, well coached as illegal aliens are in how to game the system and obtain these services for free, at taxpayer and premium-payer expense.

By carefully framing the issue of illegal immigration as one of ethnic demographics and skin color — instead of acknowledging that it really is about culture, values, and choices — the Chamber, Deseret Management, the interlocking commissions, and Perlich herself, effectively are setting up Utahns such that if they will not “come to their senses” and embrace the “changing demographics” of Utah — i.e., illegal immigration — then they are selfish, irresponsible, and racist. Indeed the Race Card is being played very skillfully in Utah today, by all these parties.

Upon the conclusion of Ms. Perlich’s presentation, [Tobias] dropped a bomb which effectively rendered moot Ms. Perlich’s 20-minute presentation: Of COURSE Utahns fully embrace LEGAL immigration; of COURSE Utahns recognize the valuable role LEGAL immigrants play today and will play tomorrow. Given that the commission and meeting ostensibly were about addressing the issue of illegal immigration, and given that Ms. Perlich — like the formulators of the Utah Compact before her — made no distinction between legal and illegal immigration in regard to her subjects, what could Perlich and the rest of the Commission say in reponse to [Tobias]’s rejoinder? Not much.

[Tobias] gave no quarter. She inquired of Perlich whether she had distinguished between legal and illegal residency status among the “new face of Utah.” Perlich didn’t seem to have a very satisfactory affirmative response to that either. How could she? As [Tobias] pointed out, we’re not even allowed to ask that question in Utah! [Tobias] then asked whether illegals’ easy access to medical care — free child delivery, for example — as compared to most Americans’ inability to afford such medical care, might not have something to do with “the new face of Utah’s” current and projected birth rates in this country and U.S. citizens’ current and projected birthrates.

When asked whether illegal aliens are able to receive welfare benefits a commission member from Workforce Services said no. [Anderson and Tobias] pounced on that. The Workforce Services fellow was then forced to acknowledge that illegal aliens often obtain benefits through the use of fraudulent documents and that even where this is not the case, there is no practical way to police the dispostition of welfare monies and benefits at the end of the line. In other words, there is nothing really to stop illegal-alien parents from wiring money to Mexico that was earmarked for baby’s pablum.

Jennifer Andrushko gave a great presentation regarding the theft and wanton exploitation of her son’s identity, which even predates his birth by some years. As an added bonus, she used the words of House Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member and pro-illegal-alien, pro-amnesty Zoe Lofgren against those of the commission who had suggested that only “scholarly data” had veracity: Lofgren had suggested, in so many words, that “scholarly data” can mean essentially nothing, and often does.

Lacking any voice recorder, transcript, or good notes to speak of, I am leaving out much, regrettably. [snip]

Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration: Shut Up, He Explained

In April, the Sutherland Institute’s Paul Mero made it clear that he didn’t want the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration to hear from citizens (Chaired by Lt. Governor Bell with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff as a member). In typical form, he condescendingly insulted anyone who would dare address the commission.

Now, another commission member (albeit with more tact) also wants to exclude citizens from commission findings. In the proposal they want to only hear from a very limited group:

1) Any research or findings the Commission reviews shall be factually based and verifiable. The Commission will focus on data that comes from academic sources and quantifiable research.

Jason Mathis simply does not want to hear citizen experiences and expertise with illegal immigration. He noted that personal experiences are isolated and, thus, insignificant. The fact is personal experience does factor into policies as government and society weigh consequences. What may seem a minor problem based on numbers in a report can make us shudder and deem it entirely unacceptable when faced with the tangible outcome.

Effectively, this is a ruse to lock out citizens while picking studies and groups to listen to. Furthermore, the studies will have a tendency to be rapid-fire and poorly vetted in order to meet deadlines for commission recommendations. An example of a rushed and flawed immigration study can be found on KSL related to illegal immigrant crime. KSL ended up with egg on its face as sampling-savvy commenters tore the methodology and conclusions to shreds.  Then there’s the factor of picking and choosing studies (especially in a commission stacked with pro-amnesty special interests).

The fact of the matter is the commission is supposed to take citizen comment and feedback into consideration. When first formed, the exclusionary precedent was set as citizen members were not invited to the first meeting. Mero carried on the precedent and it is still being pushed. This is just another example of insiders telling us to shut up and let them have their way.

I’m not buying it and I hope you won’t either.

Who’s Dime: Utah’s Roaming Attorney General

A while ago, I noticed that Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff seemed to be out of town quite a bit and many of the trips involved personal business (such as book promotions) and personal initiatives (such as illegal immigrant amnesty).  I decided to take a look at his travels and tried to weed out trips that were either remotely work-related or clear family vacations and removed weekends.  Below is the list, with links, of apparently personal business conducted during weekdays.  Be aware that there were several other work-related trips both in and out of state he has taken (he must have a massive travel budget and seems to take more trips than Governor Herbert) and many events below really involve several days due to travel from/to Utah.  Sorry for the rough note nature but it’s all I had time for.

The main question raised, of course, is if these trips were paid for by the State and/or salary and other expenses claimed?  I certainly hope that the below were conducted while on accumulated or unpaid leave and not charged to taxpayers.  Secondarily, what is the cost to tax payers of the work-related trips he has taken that are not documented below?  Finally, do other State Attorney Generals rack-up this much travel, even if it were directly work-related?

June 14, 2012
Speaking on comprehensive immigration reform @AILANational Conference in Nashville #AILA = 11,000 legal professionals. pic.twitter.com/urizUJBh

June 12, 2012
[Met with Preston Clark of TheLawInsider.com  – NY based – not sure where they met or if discussion related to June 11 or June 14 immigration summits.  Likely, they did not meet in Utah]:
Great meeting with @MarkShurtleff yesterday.

June 11, 2012
Southeast Summit: Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America in Atlanta, GA.  Mr. Shurtleff is listed as part of “The Southeast Summit Host Committee”.

June 8, 2012
Slave Dred Scott sued for freedom in this Bldg. while slave auctions were held on its steps. Today we dedicate stat… 4sq.com/Ltsf4N
See also:
Historic Day in St. Louis. I speak @ unveiling of first ever statue of #DredScott & wife Harriet! bit.ly/MspmTd pic.twitter.com/igrYUdmj

April 28-?, 2012
Trip to Israel (leading a group)
SHALOM from Israel! Co-leading TourIsraelNow.com w/ Laura Green. Thx Heath & @HayLeeShurtleff 4 staying @ our home. pic.twitter.com/3Bd3PnVD

March 16, 2012
Retweet (original sent by Arturo Sarukhan):
Productive meeting with @MarkShurtleff #Utah AG, a constructive player in promoting balanced debate on UT immigration law [also tweeted in Spanish]
Sent from Arlington VA (still in DC area).
Great honor to meet today with el Embajador de México en Estados Unidos @Arturo_Sarukhan!

March 15, 2012
Sent to Paul Murphy by Shurtleff – note tweet also included location/map from Fairfax VA.
@PaulMurphysLaw: @MarkShurtleff #Utah AG got to hang out with George Clooney & Mumford and Sons at the White House dinner for British PM.

March 14, 2012
Honor to be @whitehouse State Dinner tonight for UK Prime Minister Cameron @Number10gov. History of PM/Pres relation: http://bit.ly/wpQOWU

March 13, 2012
Speaking @UUtah today @LatinosInAction Conf. So proud Utah let’s all these great teens pay in-state college tuition! http://pic.twitter.com/ybjnY1ZoRead More »